Trevi Fountain–Roman

Fountain construction mining completely symmetrical, two fine horses pulling a Mercedes sea states in the central legislature, Poseidon is like a sculptor in 1762 Bola Qi (Pie-tro Bracci) design. Two water god Poseidon left and right sides of the parties, and status of water on the right, a “girl indicate water relief, relief above the four representatives of the four seasons ladies like.

Trevor Fountain, also known as happiness fountain, because it was originally called the Trevi Fountain,the legend will bring people happiness, there is a huge pool of Poseidon, driving laden carriage, surrounded by the Western myth gods, a statue demeanor are not the same, lifelike gods statue’s base is a seemingly messy reef. The main body of the fountain in front of the sea god, between the spring of the statue, between the sea reef gushes flows in all directions, finally together in one place.

Majestic spray line engraving narrative is the story of Poseidon, the background of the building is a Haishengong, standing in the middle of Poseidon, on both sides of the water god, the above Haishengong stood four girls represent the seasons. The designers of the fountain are Chaoui (Salvi), completed in 1762, so the young one in the fountains of Rome.
The Trevi Fountain is a symbol of strength. Romans is a beautiful legend, as long as his back to the fountain from throwing a coin over your shoulder into the pool, and have the opportunity to visit Rome again. Many tourists the fountain lined up inside a coin toss are fascinated by the city prove. Fountain of the name Trevi is the mean of the three forks of the road, because the fountain in front of the three roads extending outward, the origin of the name is the fountain. The Fountain by victory in Fountain Grand Prix sponsored by Pope Clement XII, Niccolo Salvi design subtly behind the palace by King tactics borrowed, making full of the Neptune and Te Lituo within angry. Completed in 1762. Leading to the fountain of the road is very narrow, more difficult to distinguish.